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The Seychelles is a picture perfect collection of Islands, home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Island hopping is recommended to experience the best that these Islands have to offer, experience at least two of them to really feel the true spirit of the Seychelles.

We have dialysis on both Mahe Island, and Praslin Island. The cost is $400 USD per session.

The Seychelles enjoy glorious sunny days throughout the year, peak season correlates with our summer months in the UK where days are longer and the sun is cooler with only a little rain. April and November are hot, humid and wet - the temperature averages at 30 degrees! The wettest period is January and the driest is July, temperatures reach up to 22 degrees in winter and up to 34 degrees in summer.

A combination of the two largest Islands, Mahe and Praslin is the prefect options for those that want to experience the Seychelles varying landscapes and spectacular beaches.

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